Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Best World Puzzle for Preschool Kids

This is the best puzzle based introduction to the world map for pre-school kids. If your child has some interest in jigsaw puzzles, this 3D World Animal Puzzle from Grafix is a must have! This should be available in under £5.

What's so great about this jigsaw puzzle?

The jigsaw puzzle is actually a map of the world with pictures of animals on top of the continents (such as a Panda is visible where China is located and Kangaroo where Australia can be found). It's an interesting way of learning about the continents and the sea, and with a little help, the child will also learn about names of some big countries.

For even better engagement, various cardboard pieces with animal pictures are provided, which can be stuck on top of the puzzle itself.

Where should I buy the jigsaw puzzle from?

5 quid or less is a reasonable price. This should be available from this merchant on and from this one on You might also want to check Home Bargain and similar places for better deals.