Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Best First Scooter

Evo Mone N Groove 3-wheel scooters are the best first scooters for your 3+ year old. Can you see what an intelligent design it is?

What's so great about Move N Groove scooter?

While you can read the 4.4 out of 5.0 rated reviews yourself on Tesco Direct, I'll summarise the best points for you here:

  • When kids are learning to ride a scooter, they need support to balance themselves. 3 wheelers are the natural thing that comes to mind. But most of the 3-wheel scooters available today have two rear wheels and one front wheel. With normal scooters, your kid's ankles will hit the wheels as he or she tries to push forward. This really hurts and your kid can easily give up the dream to ride a scooter at an early age.
  • This doesn't need any complex assembly. You just push the handle in the base, and that's it.
  • This is a really affordable scooter. See the recommended buying below.

Minor good points include handles for easy grip. Removable handle for easy storage. Buy one and be proud of your purchase.

Are there any bad points that I need to be aware of?

This is a "lean and control" scooter. The handles don't turn left or right like a bike. This is not a disadvantage; it's pretty cool but gets a few days' practice to get used to.

Where can I buy this scooter from?

Either Tesco Direct or (preferable)! On Tesco, it's available for £20 in orange and black, and for £15 (from The Entertainers) in pink and purple.

Amazon's prices are better; please see the links below: